Registration of Client

Fundamentally, It is not necessary to register the client information.
The controller always detects a new client automatically, and register it to the list.

Of course,You can also register a client manually.

Automatic Registration

The controller program detects a new client which is not registered in the list, and register it automatically.

The controller discriminates the clients by the IP address. If the IP address which is not registered is detected, The program adds it to the list immediately.

The contents in the list are saved when the controller is closed.

Manual Registration

The Automatic Registration cannot detect a client on the network across a router.

In such a case, you can register a client manually.

Right-Click on the title bar (upper-most) and you see a pull down menu as below.

Select [Setup] at the lowermost part in the menu, and a dialog for registration is opened.

ut the IP address you want to add and click [Add/Edit] button.The IP address is added to the list immediately.
At this time [Computer Name] and [MAC Address] are not displayed. They are acquired at the first communication with the client automatically.

Select a client you wish to edit. Edit it and click [Add/Edit] button.
If you can not get MAC address automatically for any reason, you can input it manually here.


If you want to delete a Client from the list, select the Client and click [Delete] button.

You can select more than one client and delete them at the same time.

You cannot delete a client in operation.
This is because the client will be added immediately by the Automatic Registration function even if it once deletes from the list.

Click [Close]
button, and the contents in the list will be saved and it will return to the main controller window.
When you have deleted a client by mistake, you can return to the main controller window without saving the result.
To do so, just click [x] button at the upper right of the window.