This software is a shareware.
You have to purchase a license to continue the use after the evaluation period of 30 days.

Registration Procedure

Step1:  Inform your own ProductID by E-Mail with the next information.
               - ProductID (just 10 characters)
               - Purchaser Name
               - E-Mail Address for receiving your License Number
Step2:  Pay a registration fee.
Step3:  Get your License Number from us by E-Mail
Step4:  Register your License Number to the Controller computer

The ProductID must be just 10 characters in length.
If else, Consult the Support. spt-intl@007.jp

License Fee
  $80 for each Controller machine. (License is free for Client machines)

How to pay

By Credit Card
You can order using the Secure Credit Card Ordering Service.
You can choose one of the following resellers. Click the logo to order below. 



By Money Order or Check
We can accept your money order or check.
Please contact the Support about where to send your money order or check.

If you have any question about purchasing "
What are you doing?"
Do not hesitate to contact us. spt-intl@007.jp