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About "Remote Config"

Remote Config is a windows application using on network environment (LAN).
You can manage the network environment of your client PCs remotely.
Remote Config is a Freeware.

Download "Remote Config"

Basic Features

Network Settings
You can change the following network settings remotely.
- IP Address
- Subnet Mask
- Gateway
- Computer Name

Reboot, Shutdown
You can reboot or shutdown (Power off) your client PCs remotely.

Magnify the network settings
You can display a window to show the network settings on the client PCs.
You can easily identify and check the network settings because a large font is used in this window.
This feature is very useful to configure many PCs 
which are set in one room. (like a classroom in school) 


Remote Config require the following environments.

Operating system (OS)
Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Windows 98
Microsoft Windows 98 SE
Microsoft Windows Me
Microsoft Windows NT4.0
Microsoft Windows 2000

IBM PC/AT Compatible

LAN environment with TCP/IP communication