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Trouble Shooting

The following troubles may occur according to the system environment to install.
  - During an setup, an error message is displayed and the installation stops.
  - A captured picture is not displayed.
  - An automatic addition of a client cannot be performed.
  - Even if a command is sent to a client, it does not operate.
  - No clients are displayed in a list.
  - Operation is very unstable.

There is a "Transfer Process Error" as an error message which often exists at the time of the installation, and this is occurred when registering a component into system.
Moreover, even if the installation finish successfully, All of the functions may not work.
These troubles may occur when the required system modules are lacked or the version is old.
If you suffer these troubles, try the following measures.

Measure 1
Download the System Library update utility " SystemUpdate.exe " and execute it.
"SystemUpdate.exe" is a self-extracting file.
Extract the file and read the instruction (readme.txt).
This program updates the following files in the System Folder.


Measure 2
Download the System Library update utility "speu.exe" and execute it.
This program is presented by Microsoft.

In case of the trouble of Client Installation , If you are using "Stealth Installation" , try "Normal Installation".
If you could not resolve the problem although you have tried the two above-mentioned measures, please contact our support.